Leave multi-language projects to us. We handle most major languages of the world.

A&People has built a worldwide network of highly selected translators, representing all of the major languages of the world. We can help your pursuit of globalization, producing high-quality multiple language translations from a single source document.

Supported languages

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian

Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Arabic

* Other languages available as well. Please contact us.
* Some extra time may be required to arrange for translators in rare languages.

Specialized Fields

IR Corporate Reports, Earnings / Presentations / Press Releases, Governance Reports, Events, Corporate Guides, CSR Reports / Sustainability Reports
Business Document Translation Business Letters, Proposals / Business Plans, Marketing Documents, Corporate Guides, Announcements, Seminar Materials, Sales Manuals, Annual Reports, Market Background Reports, Consumer Survey Reports Newsletters / Columns / Articles
Technical Translation User Manuals / Catalogs, Blueprints / Assembly Diagrams, Manuals
Inbound Tourist website, Pamphlets for tourists, Leaflets, Posters, Exhibition Displays, Guidebooks, Guide signboards, Signs, Audio guides
Advertising Pieces / Promotional Pieces Press Releases, Pamphlets / Flyers, Magazine / Newspaper Advertisements
Medical Documents Medical Device Instruction Manuals / Catalogs, Academic Documents / Dissertations, Pharmaceutical Documents / Articles, Clinical Data / Medical Treatment Data
Legal Documents Contracts, Official Certificates
Academic Documents Research Dissertations, Research / Experiment Data, Reports Materials

Project Flow

We will take care of your entire project for you.

An A&People project manager leads a project team to professionally produce your document. Project teams consist of an optimal mix of professionals for the work at hand, including translators, editors, bilingual checkers, copywriters, technical writers, designers and others. Our project managers take “ownership” of their projects, working closely with clients, and taking the responsibility to manage the work process and the quality of the finished product.

  1. Contact
    Contact us through our online Web form (Japanese Only), mail or by telephone.
    One of our project managers will be happy to discuss your project and answer your questions.
  2. Estimate/Scheduling
    After listening carefully to your needs, we will plan and schedule your project, providing an estimate of costs.
    We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements where required.
  3. Translation
    1. Process planning→2. Determine glossary/keywords→3. Select individuals for translation/localization.
  4. Final Check/Rewrite
    Bilingual checkers review and proofread manuscripts our translators have translated, providing a two-tiered check. Checkers rewrite documents if necessary.
  5. Data Processing/Delivery
    Completed projects are saved in the required file format, and delivered on the client’s choice of media. We can also handle document layout work.
  6. Feedback & Documentation
    We collect your feedback to improve our processes. We also construct glossaries of specialized terminology and other documentation to expedite and economize our future engagements with you.