IR Solutions

We create IR solutions that align with your business strategy and appeal to foreign investors.

As a translation company, our strengths include detecting differences in sentence expression from Japanese to English, the unique characteristics of expressions in both languages, and suggestions that are based on stylized overseas preferences. Our goal is to create IR solutions that resonate with your overseas investors.

The bilingual research reports we produce on Japanese equities incorporate the native perspective of our overseas partners. From large-scale consulting companies and clients in every industry, we have received favorable ratings, particularly in the area of “concise and persuasive”.

Our IR materials are not simply a conversion tool from Japanese into English. We understand it is imperative to provide professional writing that is precise and reliable so as to not mislead investors. At A&People, Plain English is not just something we employ to adhere with the recommendations* of the SEC, it is a communication weapon that empowers our professional team of writers to appeal persuasively to a Western stakeholder base.

We look forward to evaluating your English materials. Please contact us with your interest.

* Plain English:Clear, concise, and easy-to-understand English that excludes special terminology, passive language, double negation, and so forth. Starting in October 1998, the SEC and all federal government officials have been instructed to use Plain English in their documentation.

What we translate

Corporate Reports
Earnings / Presentations / Press Releases
Governance Reports
Corporate Guides
CSR Reports / Sustainability Reports

Project Flow

We will take care of your entire project for you.

An A&People project manager leads a project team to professionally produce your document. Project teams consist of an optimal mix of professionals for the work at hand, including translators, editors, bilingual checkers, copywriters, technical writers, designers and others. Our project managers take “ownership” of their projects, working closely with clients, and taking the responsibility to manage the work process and the quality of the finished product.

  1. Contact
    Contact us through our online Web form (Japanese Only), mail or by telephone.
    One of our project managers will be happy to discuss your project and answer your questions.
  2. Gathering information
    We take the time to discuss your needs in scoping out the project parameters.
  3. Planning
    Compiling the results of the information-gathering stage, we conduct an analysis of your company and the greater industry to construct our proposals.
  4. Production
    We create effective solutions aligned with your management strategy and corporate themes.
  5. Consulting
    We suggest ways to exploit the end product for additional usage and messaging.
  6. Feedback & Documentation
    We collect your feedback to improve our processes.