• The role of project managers.

    The role of a chef is to listen to customers ideas, then create a menu that suits customers tastes. The chef scrutinizes the flavors of ingredients, exhaustively extracts the ingredients flavors, and creates cuisine to match customers desires.
    In some ways we could say our roles resemble that of a chef. Recognizing the various specialties of top-quality translators and interpreters, further concentrating their special flavors, and bringing to completion documents that match our clients requirements. We work continuously to improve our service and eye to quality, much like a long-standing restaurant jealously guards its cuisine, to ensure clients continue to entrust us with their intercultural communications.

  • Our translators and interpreters always keep fresh, making every effort to stay up-to-date.

    If project managers are chefs, then translators and interpreters at A&People are hand-picked ingredients, growing day by day. Specialists in flavors such as IT, technology, medical, and finance.
    Technology and Information change and evolve constantly. Our translators and interpreters continually strive to maintain their freshness. High quality work from our translators and interpreters, who are fully aware of what it means to be professionals, is what supports our motto "Quality is our Policy."

  • Just like a customer's smile makes a chef happy...

    Bringing satisfaction to our clients, and helping in the success of their businesses, brings us happiness. Art in cuisine is not merely limited to flavor. Tableware, place settings, and dining comfort are all important elements in arranging a meal. Similarly, instead of merely providing first-class translations and localization, we also provide document creation that matches the intended purposes and aims of our clients. We endeavor to justify the level of trust placed in us by our customers, and this idea is central to our motto "Quality is our Policy."


    Our symbol is the “Shining Petal” representing how one petal can overlap
    and pile up on top of another while expanding outward over and over again.
    From the world of nature, we chose this petal as a symbol of our invariant nature. Symbolically, it represents our desire to evolve and thrive together with you.
    As ever, we stand committed to providing resourceful information to you and our strongest level of support.
    The colors of red and orange symbolize vitality. In Asia, this color is associated with good fortune, symbolizing action and creativity.


    The “A” in A&People is not just for the A in “Asai”, our company President’s last name.
    It also stands for “Ability” and “Asia.” Scarlet red, our corporate color, was loved by the Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
    The “People” in A&People refers to our staff, our translators and interpreters, and our clients.

    Message from our President

    As globalization advances, competition intensifies and traditional industry lines bow to the market pressures to reorganize. From development to manufacturing and sales to service, no business process is insulated anymore within a country’s borders. With foreign ownership in the Japanese stock market reaching nearly 60% last year, the importance of global communication is unquestionably rising.

    Our company was founded with the purpose of delivering superior translation to our clients and, in this way, facilitating global communication for society at large. We aim to be #1 with our customers by delivering quick turnaround of precise, high-quality, native-sounding English services.

    We look beyond mere accuracy to ensure we are capturing the true essence of the communication. We diligently tackle our documents one-by-one knowing they will reach and impact a global audience if we succeed in delivering the essence of the communication.

    Through our accumulated knowledge and experience, we have moved beyond traditional service provider to a trusted expert and true partner to our clients. Never satisfied with the status quo, we challenge ourselves to continually reinvent our offering and to keep in step with our guiding philosophy, “Quality is our policy”.

    President Machiko Asai
    A&People Corporation

    Company Info

    Company Name A&People Corporation
    Date Established September 10, 1984
    President Machiko Asai
    Executives Director

    Legal Advisor
    Masumi Kitsukawa
    Tomoe Yamaguchi
    Masaki Saegusa (Saegusa Tax Accounting Office)
    Makoto Murakami (Murakami Law Office LPC)
    Sarah Ingmanson
    Hitoshi Isahara
    Hiroshi Sugimoto
    Shinichi Nakamura
    Yusuke Horita
    Capital 30,000,000 yen
    Bank MUFG Bank, Higashi-Ebisu Branch
    Business ●Translation
    ●Design and creation of printed materials
    ●Interpreter dispatch, international conference management
    ●Computer software localization
    ●Planning and production of manuals and operating instructions
    Address EBISU Business Tower 10F, 1-19-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013

    Location and Map

    EBISU Business Tower 10F, 1-19-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013

    2 min-walk from JR Ebisu Station
    4 min-walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ebisu Station