Dispatch of consecutive and simultaneous interpreters

Supported languages

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

* Other languages available. Please contact us with specific interest.

Use interpreters in the following types of situations

●Interpretation of international conferences
●Booth interpretation and receptions at trade fairs, etc.
●Interpretation of business meetings, conferences, and with foreign clients
●Overseas business trips, inspections
●Events such as lectures and panel discussions
●Telephone call from overseas

* Please ask us. We handle interpretation work in many different settings.

Interpreter Formats

●Simultaneous Interpretation
Using interpreter equipment, spoken words will be interpreted simultaneously.

●Consecutive Interpretation
The speaker and interpreter will switch back and forth every few sentences. Doubling the time of simultaneous interpretation, this format takes up more time.

This is a type of simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreters do not wear headphones and they interpret very quietly to the ears of the people who require it. This is suited for small meetings where the number of people requiring interpretation is limited to 1-2 people.

Optional services

●Venue management for international conferences
Arranging the venue, microphones, simultaneous interpretation facilities, and refreshments.

●Preparation of conference minutes
Transcriptions from recordings of minutes from conferences and business meetings, proofing of translated documents.

●Narration recording
Recording narration in studio based on a prepared manuscript. We can deliver either digital data or tape.

Project Flow

We will take care of your entire project for you.

An A&People project manager leads a project team to professionally produce your document. Project teams consist of an optimal mix of professionals for the work at hand, including translators, editors, bilingual checkers, copywriters, technical writers, designers and others. Our project managers take “ownership” of their projects, working closely with clients, and taking the responsibility to manage the work process and the quality of the finished product.

  1. Contact
    Contact us through our online Web form (Japanese Only),mail or by telephone.
    One of our project managers will be happy to discuss your project and answer your questions.
  2. Personnel selection/Estimates
    Careful selection of personnel in line with your requirements, and creation of estimate.
  3. Preparation
    Please provide materials in advance, to allow interpretation to proceed as smoothly as possible. We can also set up an orientation based on a face-to-face meeting with an interpreter (fees will apply).
  4. Interpreter Dispatch
    Dispatch interpreters to a specified location, at the specified time.
  5. Feedback
    Collect feedback from clients after interpreter dispatch; perform an assessment of the interpreter’s skills.